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"Steps for Facilitating the Wall of Wonder (Wow)" (A sidebar to supplement the article "Exploring Requirements with a Wall of Wonder")

"At a Glance: Other Prioritization Methods" (A sidebar to supplement the article "Prioritization Puzzles: Practices for Prioritizing Your Product Requirements" first published on

Use Case Testing Worksheet (Use multiple user requirements models to find defects and missing user requirements)

Questions for Requirements Retrospectives

Templates, tips and techniques for requirements workshops

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Requirements Engineering

Handbook of Ambiguities in Requirements Specifications and Legal Contracts This is an in-depth treatise on ambiguity found in software specifications and legal contracts.

IEEE Guide to Software Engineering Body of Knowledge Chapter 2 of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) body of knowledge is on software requirements.

Ivy Hook's web site (select "Resources" and then "Papers") Ivy Hooks, a requirements expert with extensive experience in mission and safety critical software for NASA and the U.S. Department of Defense, provides numerous articles and presentations about the importance of quality requirements.

Karl Wiegers' web site This site, by software requirements expert Karl Wiegers, has numerous articles on quality requirements practices as well as requirements templates.

Requirements Bibliography This comprehensive (more than 1100 entries) bibliography of books and articles on the topic of requirements is complied by requirements expert Al Davis.

Requirements Engineering Online Mailing List Requirements engineering researchers and practitioners exchange ideas, asks and answer questions, and share references.

REAIMS Requirements Engineering Adaptation and IMprovement for Safety and dependability Requirements engineering research and practice for safety-related systems.

Requirements Engineering Specialist Group of the British Computer Society Requirements engineering researchers and practitioners exchange ideas, asks and answer questions, and share references. The online newsletter (select "RQ Newsletter") has a nice mix of experience-based articles along with ongoing research topics.

Requirements Working Group of INCOSE (International Council on Systems Engineering). INCOSE's working group is extending some of the work of the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge with a heavy system engineering tilt to serve its membership.

Seilevel is a professional services company delivering requirements and business analysis expertise. They view - and deliver - on the fact that requirements are strategic. Their site provides a variety of useful resources to the community, as does their blog. Requirements Zone (select "Requirements") A selection of requirements content containing useful articles on requirements development and management.

System Engineering Body of Knowledge, and Guide (International Council on Systems Engineering - INCOSE). This link takes you to an overview presentation as well as the Body of Knowledge itself for systems engineering.

Topics in Requirements Engineering A summary of some key topics in requirements engineering, including the subtopics of elicitation and modeling by requirements authors Ian Sommerville and Pete Sawyer.

Volere Requirements Specification Template Jim and Suzanne Robertson's SRS template.

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Requirements Mgmt & Modeling Tools

Accept360 from Accept Corporation


Aldon Agile Manager from Aldon

AgileWrap from WoodRanch Technology

Blueprint from Blueprint Software System

Caliber from Borland

Cameo Requirements+ by Magicdraw

Case Complete

CASE Spec by Goda Software

CORE from Vitech Corp

Contour by Jama Software

CRADLE from Structured Software Systems Ltd.

DOORS from IBM Rational

Dimensions RM by Serena

EdgeRM from Infogenium

Enfocus Requirements Suite by Enfocus Solutions

Enterprise Architect from Sparx Systems

Envision VIP by Future Tech Systems

FeaturePlan from OneDesk (Ryma)

FeatureSet from FeatureSet Inc.

Focus Point from IBM Rational

GatherSpace from Levy Consulting Incorporated

IdeaScale from IdeaScale

IdeaScope from OneDesk (Ryma)

inteGREAT from eDev

IRqA from TCP

Jira by Atlassian

Kanbanery from Lunar Logic Polska

Kovair ALM Studio

Leankit Kanban from Leankit

Lighthouse by Artifact Software

Microfocus Enterprise Analyzer

Mingle from Thoughtworks

MKS Requirements from MKS

Microfocus Enterprise Analyzer

OneDesk Product Manager

PACE-RM from Viewset

Planview by Planview Inc.

Polarion Requirements by Polarion

ProjectCards from ProjectCards

Projectricity Requirements Management

Psoda by Psoda

Quality Center by HP

Rally from Rally Software

RaQuest by Sparx Systems

Rational RequisitePro from IBM

ReqSheet and Storyboarding from stpsoft

Reqtify By Dassault Systems

Requirements Management 1.0 (open source freeware) by RhythmiQ

Requirements Management with TestTrack RM from Seapine


Requirements Tracing System by Bandwood Pty Ltd

RQMAN from Rednotes Technologies

Scrumworks from CollabNet

Serena Requirements Manager from Serena

Silver Catalyst by Silver Catalyst

Steps By Andromeda

Swift-Kanban from Digite

Target Processs from TargetProcess, Inc.

Teamcenter by Siemens

TopTeam Analyst from TechnoSolutions

TraceCloud by TraceCloud

VersionOne from VersionOne

Visual Requirements by Lucid Models Software

Visure by Visure Solutions

Workspace by

WTDN by 4SQ Solutions

XTie-RT from Teledyne Brown Engineering

Running list of agile tools:

List of agile project/product management tools

Comparison of open source agile project management tools

Product management tools:

Comparison (by 280 Group)

For comparisons and descriptive summaries of requirement management tools:

Requirements Management Tool Survey by INCOSE (International Council on Systems Engineering)

Ian Alexander's summary descriptions of requirements tools

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Requirements Process and Methods

Agile Requirements Requirements articles posted on the Agile Alliance site.

Agile Requirements Best Practices Scott Ambler's summary list. These practices are core to requirements workshops.

Barry Boehm's WinWin Method Home of WinWin, Barry Boehm's method for requirements negotiation.

"Beyond Story Cards: Agile Requirements Collaboration" James Shore's article on super-lightweight requirements using stories.

Business Rules Community Business rules are the heart of functional requirements. The business rules community provides access to numerous articles on business rules. The Business Rules Group site provides access to business rule metamodels, manifesto and other useful resources.

NASA's Recommended Approach to Software Development The Software Engineering Lab (NASA) document includes two sections on requirements definition and analysis.

"Painless Functional Specs" A multiple-part piece by Joel Spolsky who says, "Failing to write a spec is the single biggest unnecessary risk you take in a software project."

Technical papers use cases and scenarios Ian Alexander's site with useful papers. Ian originated the idea of "misuse cases".

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