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Is your team having trouble defining a new or improved product? Do you need to rethink your business processes or improve team processes?

Benefit from our expertise in designing and facilitating collaborative workshops-so you can get the right stuff, fast. Our direct project help will help you . . .

Define your product vision and scope

Develop detailed requirements

Identify your Product Roadmap

Map out your release and iteration plans

Increase the effectiveness of your iterations

Improve your product development and business analysis practices

Redesign your business processes

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Facilitated Requirements Workshops

A facilitated workshop (sometimes called JAD) is a structured event where a carefully selected group of stakeholders, including customers and subject matter experts, work together to discover, create, verify, and document predefined deliverables.

Your work products might include documentation of business requirements, such as your goals, objectives, and vision. You may need user requirements in the form of analysis models such as use cases, process maps, business rules, data models, and more. You may need to define quality attributes for your product, organize requirements into features, identify your release strategy, or arrive at a high-level product architecture based on your requirements and market analysis.

We can help your organization and team create these deliverables- efficiently and with the quality you need - by conducting facilitated collaborative workshops.

There is a strong business case for using this technique. EBG will work with you to help determine which type of workshop will best meet your project and business needs.
We literally wrote the book on facilitated requirements workshops. See information about Ellen's book Requirements by Collaboration here.

Visit our publications page to read articles about workshops

Read more about workshops

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Facilitated Workshops for Agile Teams

Collaboration . . . just enough requirements . . . iteration . . . customer involvement . . . quick delivery of working software . . . inspect and adapt.

These are key practices of agile teams. And the essential technique for implementing these best practices is to hold workshops.

When it's time to design and facilitate your team's workshop, EBG Consulting can help. We work with EBG’s Discover to Deliver™ approach to select the highest value product options for your next delivery cycle. 

In workshops, your team creates crucial deliverables such as:

Your product roadmap - deliverables such as a vision statement, scope models, release features, the product roadmap incorporating architectural dependencies and customer priorities

Your agile charter deliverables including product vision, product partners and value criteria, team mission and success criteria, working agreements and partner communications, team boundaries, decisions and decision rules, workflow policies, information radiators, dependencies, risks and risk mitigation and more.

Your release plan - epic stories or use cases, use case maps (to understand dependencies), quality attributes, data models, and more

Your iteration plan - elaborated stories or scenarios with clear "doneness" critieria, user acceptance tests, business rules, portions of an attributed data model, quality attribute scenarios, and more

Customized coaching for product owners, analysts, and teams to define and groom healthy product backlogs (using wide-and-shallow or narrow-and-deep faciliated workshops). Learn more.

Your product, release, and iteration retrospectives inspecting and adapting your project community's products and processes

You can learn more about preparing for your workhop here

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A retrospective is a process improvement technique that you use to evaluate and improve a process or project. Your retrospective will use a facilitated workshop format that lets the team explore what has worked well, what hasn't worked, what can be learned, and how to adapt processes and techniques before continuing the project or starting a new one.

Retrospectives are perhaps one of the most efficient ways for team members to acquire and use knowledge. To leverage the benefits of retrospectives, EBG Consulting will design your retrospective with attention to:

The characteristics of successful retrospectives

The key questions asked and answered in retrospectives

The best times to integrate retrospectives into your project

EBG Consulting works with you to plan, design, and facilitate retrospectives at the end of your project, milestone, or iteration. Read our one-page summary of retrospectives. Supplement your understanding of retrospectives with this-in-depth article by Ellen Gottesdiener.

We can also train and mentor your staff to become retrospective facilitators and bring this vital skill into your organization.

For our more information on our retrospective workshop facilitator training, click here

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Process Improvement Workshops

Do you need to streamline or rethink your business processes? Are you acquiring and installing a packaged software solution like COTS (commercial off-the-shelf software)? Are you involved in a business process improvement effort such as business process management, Six Sigma, or Lean? Then EBG Consulting can help you deliver the outcomes you need to improve business processes.

In collaborative workshops with business and technical people, EBG Consulting will help you define the most efficient workflows, understand which data and business rules are needed, address the challenges of organizational change, and create a deliverable-based plan to make it all happen. We help you deliver an integrated set of models and work products. Together, they give you the entire picture for successful business change.

Are you committed to improving the way you deliver product requirements in your organization? Do you want to get the maximum results from your business analysts? Do you want to use, again and again, a tailored, reusable process for acquiring high-quality requirements on your projects?

EBG Consulting uses collaborative workshops to design collaborative workshops! EBG Consulting will design and facilitate workshops that also serve as mentoring opportunities. We help you define product development processes or business analysis practices that work for your organization.

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Requirements Delivery

Do you need help eliciting and delivering requirements for projects? Do you need expertise in developing requirements? We can help. We can pitch in and supplement your current business analysts, requirements engineers, systems analysts, or product owners. Ask yourself...

Do you need to install a packaged software solution or COTS (commercial off-the-shelf software). Need help developing requirements or conducting a gap analysis for a COTS acquisition? Or, do you need to merge multiple systems' into a single solution?

Are you involved in a business process improvement effort such as business process management, Six Sigma, or Lean?

EBG Consulting can help you deliver the outcomes you need to improve business processes and build the define the right requirements for your real needs.

Do you need to prune your backlog and organize features? Need to right-size stories for release and iteration planning? Slice down minimally marketable features for efficient delivery? These are examples of direct project help we have provided.

Contact us for you can help you with your critical and time-sensitive business analysis and requirement work.

Contact us (+1.978.261.5552 or email) to learn more.

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