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Welcome to our media page, providing you with podcasts, videos, interviews, and other visual media from EBG Consulting staff.

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Essentials for successful agile business analysis: practical suggestions and observations

Mary Gorman explains discusses the continuing importance of modeling to support collaboration between business and IT, agile business analysis, and collaboration effectively in this interview with Blueprint’s Tony Higgins

Date: November 2014

Truths about agile requirements and product management – field observations

Gottesdiener redefines traditional roles in agile teams and explains the hurdles that need to be overcome to use agile most effectively in this interview with Blueprint’s Tony Higgins.

Date: October 2014

IEEE’s Software Engineering Radio interview on agile requirements and planning

Host Neil Maiden interviews Ellen and Mary about agile requirements, structured conversations for ongoing, systematic discovery and delivery of product options and adapting your requirements practices.

Date: June 2013

Redvespa interview about Discover to Deliver

Redvespa interview about Discover to Deliver with Ellen and Mary dives into the 7 Product Dimensions, visual techniques in the book, structured conversations, and more.

Date: April 2013

Audio book review of Discover to Deliver

Audio book review of Discover to Deliver by Software Process and Measurement Cast host Tom Cagley

Date: October 2012

OOP Conference 2013 Interview with Ellen

Interview with Ellen Gottesdiener by Matthias Bohlen about her OOP Conference 2013 tutorial and concepts in Discover to Deliver.

Date: October 2012

TheBACoach Yamo interviews Mary and Ellen

TheBACoach Yamo interviews Mary Gorman and Ellen Gottesdiener about what inspired them to write their new book, Discover to Deliver, what pain points this book intends to solve, how to read the book, ad much more.

Date: September 2012

SPaMCAST interview with Ellen and Mary

SPaMCAST host Tom Cagley features his interview with Ellen Gottesdiener and Mary Gorman, discussing their new book Discover to Deliver: Agile Product Planning and Analysis and essential practices for successful agile delivery.

Date: August 2012

Agile Toolkit interview with Ellen and Mary

Agile Toolkit host Bob Payne interviews Ellen Gottesdiener and Mary Gorman at Agile 2012 about their just released book Discover to Deliver: Agile Product Planning and Analysis and how they used practices in the book to write the book.

Date: August 2012

Agile Business Analysis - author cast with Ellen and Mary

Mary Gorman and Ellen Gottesdiener speaks with TheBACoach Yamo on their real world agile business analysis experience and forthcoming book

Date: March 2012

Power-Up Your Agile Planning & Analysis: Deliver Value via Structured Conversations

podcast interview with Ellen Gottesdiener, hosted by Agile NYC President Jochen (Joe) Krebs about her presentation that evening. [30 minutes]

Date: October 2011

How to Conduct an Effective Requirements Workshop

Ellen Gottesdiener shares good practices and tips on facilitated workshops with TheBACoach Yamo Mohamed.

Date: September 2011

Author cast: Ellen Gottesdiener on analysis topics, her books, agile and more

Ellen Gottesdiener speaks with TheBACoach Yamo Mohamed on her work, books, and ongoing learning journey.

Date: August 2011

Agile Analysis: BA Summit interview with Ellen Gottesdiener

The Business Analysis Summit 2010, created by Penny Pullan a leading UK-based business analyst, featured interviews with world-class experts over eight days. On November 30th, the BA Summit had “Agile Day”. Hear Penny’s interview with Ellen Gottesdiener on a wide range of agile topics.

Date: November 2010

Building Better Requirements: Group Dynamics and Requirements Elicitation

Ellen Gottesdiener talks with Forrester Research Sr. Analyst Tom Grant about why requirements depend more on group dynamics than templates.

Date: October 2009

Success with Requirements: Beyond Use Cases

While use cases are a valuable means of determining software project requirements, they are not the only or often the best method to use. In the audiocast clip, requirements expert Ellen Gottesdiener describes when use cases are a good fit for software projects, when they are not, and what alternative approaches should be used. Topics covered include:

Date: July 2009

Agile Requirements, Part 2

Ellen Gottesdiener continues her discussion with Tom Cagley about work ahead agile requirements, user stories, collaboration, and more :: 21 minutes

Date: January 2009

Agile Requirements, Part 1

Ellen Gottesdiener shares her experiences with agile requirements, collaboration, and other topics with Software Process and Methods Cast (SPaM) interviewer Tom Cagley :: 16 minutes

Date: December 2008

Requirements Unplugged, Part 2

Ellen continues to describe how the BA role is growing and changing, and the key skills needed to survive going forward in this continuation of her interview with requirements.net :: 25 minutes

Date: May 2008

Requirements Unplugged Part 1

Ellen Gottesdiener shares her experience with collaboration, multi-modeling, agile and more with requirements.net interviewer Keith Barrett :: 30 minutes

Date: April 2008

Adapting Requirements Practices

Ellen Gottesdiener elaborates on her article on the topic of adapting requirements practices with StickyMinds.com interviewer Joey McAllister :: 36 minutes

Date: October 2007

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Visual Media

Success with Requirements: Challenges and Opportunities for Scaling Agile

Click on the link to contact us for more information.

Date: November 2013

Making Value-Based Product Decisions: Interview at Product Mgmt Festival with Ellen Gottesdiener

Brainmates interviewed Ellen Gottesdiener at the Product Management Festival in Zurich, in September 2013.

Date: September 2013

Colorful, Creative, and Collaborative: User Stories Unleashed

In this webinar, you'll understand how the 7 Product Dimensions help you quickly and holistically discover stories; appreciate why working with product options helps your team collaborate powerfully about requirements; and recognize how you can apply these concepts and practices to any agile planning horizon. Please note that you'll need to enter your name (top field) in order to get access to the recording.

Date: June 2013

Rope Your Scope: Reining in Scope Creep

Ellen Gottesdiener's live webinar given to PMI® Requirements Management Community of Practice. To access the recording, you must be a PMI member.To access the recording, you must be a PMI member.

Date: June 2013

Got Value? A Practical, Sustainable Value Model for Making Agile Product Decisions

Ellen Gottesdiener's and Mary Gorman's live webinar given to PMI® Agile Community of Practice. To access the recording, you must be a PMI member.

Date: May 2013

Got Value? Making Product Decisions with a Practical, Sustainable Value Model

Mary Gorman explore the business value model—a lightweight framework for collaboratively and continually identifying stakeholder values and making value-based decisions on what to build, and when.

Date: May 2013

Tips on Product Roadmapping

Ellen Gottesdiener brief interview after speaking on product roadmapping at the Boston Product Management Association Boston, Massachusetts.

Date: April 2013

Structured Conversations To Deliver Value (Pecha Kucha)

Ellen Gottesdiener’s Pecha Kucha (20 slides, 20 seconds per slide) delivered at OOP 2013 in Munich, Germany.

Date: January 2013

Author Book Club on Discover to Deliver

Mary Gorman and Ellen Gottesdiener share the origins of their book Discover to Deliver, along with key concepts and features.

Date: January 2013

Ellen Gottesdiener answers 5 questions from the PMI Agile Community of Practice

Ellen Gottesdiener answers 5 questions from the PMI Agile Community of Practice.

Date: August 2012

Engage in “structured conversations”

Learn how to engage in “structured conversations” that explore, evaluate and confirm product options, as explained by EBG Consulting’s Ellen Gottesdiener.

Date: August 2012

How to strengthen business and developer relationships

Ellen Gottesdiener shares 6 tips for how to strengthen business and developer relationships to help form product partnerships.

Date: June 2012

Requirement management in traditional vs. agile projects

Ellen Gottesdiener explains requirement management in traditional vs. agile projects.

Date: June 2012

How Business Analysis is Essential to Agile Success

Business analysis—focused, structured, and disciplined—is essential for successful Agile product delivery, whether your team is small or large, distributed or co-located. Agile business analysis expert Mary Gorman makes the case that business analysis is your key for discovering product options, collaborating to create Agile plans, conversing daily on what to delivery, adapting your product, and maintaining a constant flow of business value. (Once you click on the link, use this email address to access the content: training@ebgconsulting.com).

Date: June 2012

Reduce Rampant Requirements Risks with Agile Practices

Because requirements-related problems are often cited as one of highest risks for any type of software project, more and more project leaders and business analysts are turning to agile methods for relief. Learn from requirements expert and agile coach Ellen Gottesdiener how agile teams successfully address and resolve key requirements risks.

Date: October 2011

Agile Requirements: Not an Oxymoron - Explained

Mary Gorman explains why we say agile requirements are not an oxymoron (from Agile Summit 2010). Mary references her and Ellen Gottesdiener’s article on "Slicing Requirements for Agile Success."

Date: March 2011

Success with Agile Retrospectives

Ellen shares main take-aways from her talk on Agile Retrospectives at Agile Summit 2010.

Date: March 2011

Agile Summit

Ellen discusses how she planned and chaired the practitioner-focused Agile Summit at Project World/World Congress for Business Analysts that incorporated activities for interaction and deep learning.

Date: March 2011

Gottesdiener and Gorman on Agile Analysis

In this interview Ellen Gottesdiener and Mary Gorman of EBG Consulting discuss the process of getting teams to collaborate, think, and work in an Agile manner. They discuss how to make agile analysis work, and also talk about their involvement with the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), and their efforts to extend business analysis with Agile methods. They also are working on a new book on the subject.

Date: December 2010

Agile Retrospectives

Hear the value of retrospectives in this lightening interview of Ellen Gottesdiener from Agile Summit 2010.

Date: November 2010

Agile Requirements: Not an Oxymoron - Overview by Mary Gorman

Learn the essence of Mary Gorman's session on agile requirements at the Agile Summit in this 3.5 minute overview.

Date: November 2010

Agile Summit 2010

In this two-minute interview, Agile Summit Chair explains the format and design of the November 2010 Summit.

Date: November 2010

Agile Requirements: Not an Oxymoron

Misconceptions abound about how agile projects analyze and develop requirements. Agile coach and requirements expert Ellen Gottesdiener shares how--in practice--requirements are the basis for planning, developing and delivering agile projects. Agile requirements are congruent– they combine to form a sound and sensible union that drives successful delivery of business value.

Date: October 2010

Proud's and Sorry's Agile Project Management and Business Analysis

Ellen Gottesdiener facilitates a roundtable discussion with a cross-industry panel of practitioners about their journey to agile development practices. The presenters will be at the Agile Summit 2010 (Project World/World Congress for Business Analysis, November 2010)

Date: September 2010

Success with Requirements: The Art and Science of Requirements Elicitation

Eliciting requirements is one of the most challenging aspects of software development. It is also the most human-intensive activity in the entire development effort. So making smart choices about how to elicit the requirements can make a big difference in the success of your project. This webcast, presented by requirements elicitation expert Ellen Gottesdiener of EBG Consulting, describes and evaluates various elicitation techniques to help you master the art and science of effective requirements elicitation.

Date: June 2010

Requirements by Collaboration: Defining Product Needs on Large Agile Projects

On large, complex agile projects, teams need to define which slice of the product to build (and when), recognize architectural dependencies before they result extensive rework, and establish viable release strategies to support business planning. Requirements expert and agile coach Ellen Gottesdiener will explain how a series of agile requirements workshops - where you develop a product roadmap, release plan, and iteration plan - can provide just enough requirements-related information at the right time, and for the right stakeholder community. [NOTE: Registration and small fee required for access this webinar - the webinar will be on ITMPI library page 5-10 days after the webinar event]

Date: October 2009

Agile Business Analysis

Misconceptions abound about how agile projects conduct analysis, and whether they even do analysis. In practice, agile projects rely on business analysis as the basis for planning, development, and delivering business value. Requirements expert and agile coach Ellen Gottesdiener shares the exciting and challenging ways agile projects leverage business analysis to deliver business value sooner: 1 hour

Date: January 2009

Top 7 Excuses for Avoiding Requirements Management (and How to Overcome Them)

Ellen Gottesdiener shares reasons given by organizations to avoid requirements management challenges and shares: why changing requirements is a good thing, the relationship between decision-making and requirements management, and why it is important to overcome your requirements management challenges: 1 hour : [registration may be required]

Date: October 2008

Business Rules and Data Requirements: Pulling in Tandem for Success

EBG Consulting Requirements expert and mentor Mary Gorman explores ways to effectively elicit and analyze business rules and data to help you deliver a balanced set of requirements : 1 hour : [sorry, webinar no longer available]

Date: October 2008

Do the Right Things: Adapting Requirements Practices

Ellen Gottesdiener discusses traditional and agile requirements practices, along with factors to consider when tailoring practices for your project : 1 hour : [registration may be required]

Date: August 2008

How to Capture Performance Requirements

Paul Reed presents practical techniques for eliciting and analyzing these essential quality attributes :: 1 hour [registration may be required]

Date: May 2008

Practical Techniques to Elicit Effective Requirements while Building Trust

Ellen Gottesdiener presents ways stakeholders can collaborate on developing requirements and concurrently build trust :: 35 minutes [registration may be required]

Date: May 2007

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