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We offer you our e-newsletter, Success with Requirements, as well as the articles below, courtesy of these publishers to provide you with practical techniques and focused insights into how to get the right stuff, fast, collaborate effectively, and improve on your project productivity and quality.

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This is EBG Consulting's free, monthly electronic newsletter. We write Success with Requirements to help you get the right requirements so your projects start smart and deliver the right product at the right time.
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"It's Time to Put Value in the Driver's Seat," ProjectTimes, (June 2014)

"Exploring Product Options to Arrive at the Right Requirements," BA/PM Times, (February 2014)

"Turning Competing Stakeholders into Collaborating Product Partners," BA/PM Times, (December 2013)

"Discover to Deliver Author Q&A ," InfoQ, (October 2013)

"Avoiding too many user stories in software development," TechTarget, (October 2013)

"The risks of Agile software development: Overcoming feature creep," TechTarget, (August 2013)

"Straight Dope on Scope," Projects at Work, (July 2013)

"Straight Dope on Scope, Part 2," Projects at Work, (July 2013)

"What's Down with Agile Documentation?," Project Times, (August 2013)

"Strengthen Your Discovery Muscle," Better Software, (May/June 2013)

"Is 'Agile software documentation' an oxymoron?," TechTarget, (May 2013)

"Who Should Drive Agile Planning and Software Requirements Analysis?," TechTarget, (April 2013)

"Agile process: Structured Conversations Build Business-Ready software," TechTarget, (April 2013)

"Secrets of Successful Agile Analysis: How to Make Your Business Analysis Skills Indispensable," Bridging the Gap, (February 11, 2013)

"Harvesting Stakeholder Perspectives to Organize Your Backlog," Better Software, July/August 2011, (originally posted on StickyMinds January 2011)

"It's the Goal, Not the Role: The Value of Business Analysis in Scrum," StickyMinds, (June 28, 2011)

"Agile Planning and Analysis: Synchronizing to Deliver Value," Better Software, (May/June 2011)

 "Are Your Software Development Practices Jumping the Shark?," SD Times, (April 2011)

"Agile Requirements: Not an Oxymoron," Agile Record, Issue 6, (April 2011)

"How to Manage User Stories in Your Agile Development Projects," TechTarget (December 2010)

"Slicing Requirements For Agile Success," Better Software, Feature (August 2010)

"Playing at Work: Games that Deliver Value," Sticky Minds, (August 2010)

"Experts Take on Business Analysis and Agile," (Interview including Ellen Gottesdiener), Modern Analyst (March 2010)

"Managing Your Analysis Debt," Better Software (November 2009)

"A View to Agile Requirements," Modern Analyst (November 2009)

"Agile Requirements by Collaboration: Making Smart Choices about What and When to Build," InformIT (August 2009)

"Agile Business Analysis in Flow: The Work of the Agile Analyst (Part 2), Modern Analyst (August 2009)

"How Agile Practices Reduce Requirements Risk," Better Software (July/August 2009)

"Agile Business Analysis in Flow: The Work of the Agile Analyst (Part 1)," Modern Analyst (May 2009)

"What's Going Right Around Here? Using AI to Improve Your Agile Requirements Process," StickyMinds (March 2009)

"The Agile Analyst: Eyes for Waste," Modern Analyst (January 2009)

"Agile development spawns requirements, management changes", SearchSoftwareQuality'sTechTarget, February 2008 (Ellen Gottesdiener of EBG is quoted in this article; note that registration to the site may be required to read the article)

"Adapting your Requirements Practices" (Part I) - StickyMinds original column, Ellen Gottesdiener,

"Adapting your Requirements Practices" (Part II) - StickyMinds original column, Ellen Gottesdiener,

"Team Retrospectives - for Better Iteration Assessment," The Rational Edge, (April 2003)


"It's Time to Put Value in the Driver's Seat," ProjectTimes (June 2014)

"Change Management and Impact Analysis: Reviewing Requirements Changes," TechTarget (August 2011)

"Tools & Techniques for Tracking Changes to Software Requirements," TechTarget (August 2011)

"How to Overcome Challenges with Eliciting Requirements for Embedded Systems," TechTarget (May 2011)

"Eliciting and Analyzing Embedded Systems Requirements," TechTarget (May 2011)

"What is Needed to Define & Fulfill Software Security Requirements?" TechTarget (April 2011)

"How to Define Security Requirements & Manage Risk in Software Development" TechTarget (April 2011)

"How to Overcome the Top Two Challenges Associated with Getting Requirements Right" TechTarget (April 2011)

"Mapping Software Requirememts to Test Cases" TechTarget (March 2011)

"How to Implement Traceablity into Requirements Management" TechTarget (February 2011)

"How to Begin the Sofware Requirements Gathering Process: Elicitation and Analysis Techniques" TechTarget (January 2011)

"Functional Requirements & Nonfunctional Requirements in Software Engineering - Explained" TechTarget (December 2010)

"How Should We Implement Change Management?" TechTarget (October 2010)

"How Do You Determine Functionality When There is No Documenation?" TechTarget (October 2010)

"Best Practices for Working on Requirements for Distributed Teams" TechTarget (October 2010)

"The Whos and Wheres of Stakeholder Requirements," StickyMinds (May 2009)

"Scope Keep, Not Scope Creep," StickyMinds (December 2008)

"Transitioning from Analysis to Design," StickyMinds (December 2008)

"Business Rules and Data Requirements: Keeping Both Oars in the Water," StickyMinds (October 2008)

"Savvy Shopping for COTS Software," StickyMinds (June 2008)

"Good Practices for Developing User Requirements," Crosstalk (March 2008)

"Ready, Fire, Aim: How Timely Interface Analysis Reduces Risk in Software Projects," StickyMinds Original (November 2007).

"Prioritization Puzzles: Practices for Prioritizing Your Product Requirements" (August 2007)

"Five Things IT Managers Should Know About Software Requirements," CIO Magazine, March 2007 (Ellen Gottesdiener of EBG covered on pages 2 and 3 of this report by Esther Schindler)

"Using models to understand users' needs" TechTarget (February 2007)

"Events to the Rescue," StickyMinds original column, Mary Gorman, (October 2006)

"A Word to the Wise: Piecing Requirements" Sticky ToolLook Interview with Ellen Gottesdiener, StickyMinds, (May 2006)

"Debating Use Cases and Requirements" Review of Panel Discussion including Ellen Gottesdiener, IBM/Rational website, (August 2002)

"Top Ten Ways Project Teams Misuse Use Cases -- and How to Correct Them - Part II: Eliciting and Modeling Use Cases: Part II," The Rational Edge, (July 2002)

"Top Ten Ways Project Teams Misuse Use Cases -- and How to Correct Them - Part II: Eliciting and Modeling Use Cases: Part I," The Rational Edge, (June 2002)

"Get the Right Stuff, Fast," review of Ellen Gottesdiener Software Development Conference Tutorial, SD West, Software Development Magazine, (April 2002)

"Top Ten Ways Project Teams Misuse Use Cases -- and How to Correct Them - Part I: Content and Style Issues," The Rational Edge, (June 2002)

"Use Cases: Best Practices," IBM/Rational Software Whitepaper, (June 2003)

"Requirements Exploration and Modeling," Software Testing & Quality Engineering, (May/June 2002)

"UML Hits the Street," Application Development Trends, (September 2001) (Ellen referenced)

"Turning Rules into Requirements," Application Development Trends, (June 2001)

"Abuse Case Guidelines" (2001)

"Business Rules Rule," Telelogic Online Newsletter, (April 2000)

"Capturing Business Rules," Software Development Magazine, (December 1999)

"The Value of Standardization of Business Rules," Object Magazine, (March 1998)

"Best Policy: Consistency," Information Week, (December 1997)

"Business Rules Show Power, Promise," Application Development Trends, (March 1997)

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Facilitated Workshops 

"Amplifying Collaboration with Guerilla Facilitation,", June 7, 2010

"Workshops Work," The Bridge (B2T), (Spring 2006)

"Requirements by Collaboration: Getting it Right the First Time," IEEE Software, (March/April 2003)

"Requirements Workshops: Collaborating to Explore User Requirements," Sticky Minds website, (February 2003)

"Eliciting Rules in Workshops-Part 2," Business Rules Journal, (January 2003)

"Wall to Wall Tools," Software Testing & Quality Engineering, (November/December 2002)

"Eliciting Business Rules in Workshops-Part 1," Business Rules Journal, (November 2002)

"Specifying Requirements with a Wall of Wonder," The Rational Edge, (November 2001)

"Collaborate for Quality," Software Testing & Quality Engineering, (March/April 2001)

"Facilitated Workshops in Software Development Projects," Software Management Conference Proceedings, (February 2001)

"Decide How to Decide: A Collaboration Pattern," Software Development Magazine, (January 2001)

"Twelve Principles for Modeling Rules in Workshops," Database Newsletter, (March/April 1999)

"Decoding Business Needs with Workshops," Software Development Magazine, (December 1999)

"Harvesting Business Rules in Workshops," DataToKnowledge Newsletter, (January/February 1997)

"Facilitated Rule Breaking," Database Programming & Design, (September 1996)

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People, Process & Teams

"Are Your Software Development Practices Jumping the Shark?," SD Times, (April 2011)

"You Know When It's Not There: How Trust Enables and Enhances Collaboration," Cutter Journal, Vol. 20, No. 8 (August 2007)

"Retrospectives: Harvesting the Wisdom of Teams," Neuland Newsletter, (February 2005)

"Grating Expectations Computerworld," Computerworld, (August 2005)  (Ellen referenced)

"Reviews-Inspections-Walkthroughs: An Overview," Sticky Minds website, (February 2001)

"Integrating Reviews into the Requirements Phase," Sticky Minds website, (February 2001)

"Story contribution called "The Project to End All Projects" in the Tales of Terror," Software Development Magazine, (October 2000)

"Object-Oriented Methodologies: Process & Product Patterns," Component Strategies, (November 1998)

"RAD Realities: Beyond the Hype to How RAD Really Works," Application Development Trends, (August 1995)

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