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The Software Requirements Memory Jogger

The Software REquirements Memory JoggerThe Software Requirements Memory Jogger: A Pocket Guide to Help Software and Business Teams Develop and Manage Requirements
was published (November 29th, 2005) by GOAL/QPC.
This concisely written book explains why it is important to define high-quality requirements and gives you tools and techniques for developing and managing requirements.

The Jogger, a 3.5 X 5.5-inch wire-bound booklet, covers the essentials of requirements development & management:

how to elicit, prioritize and document requirements

how to create useful models for analyzing requirements

ways to verify and validate requirements

techniques for adapting requirements practices

how to manage requirements throughout the project.

Now Available! Desktop size, 5"x7"

The book helps stakeholders including analysts, project managers, and team facilitators, at all organizational levels learn and apply the tools, methods and processes needed to attain high-quality software requirements.
It's a valuable tool as a stand-alone resource, training reference book and handy performance support resource.

See our friend and colleague Gerhard Ackerman recommending The Jogger to his colleagues at the annual Systems Engineering Technology Day Meeting at Siemens AG Austria.

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